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The Untold Story of Urban Refugees
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Published on 11-01-13

Meet today's refugees in their urban surroundings through the lens of photographer Andrew McConnell. His exhibition Hidden Lives -The Untold Story of Urban Refugees-  is on display at St Pancras International station between  6–31 January 2013. Working with the International Rescue Committee and the European Commission’s humanitarian aid and civil protection department ECHO, Andrew McConnell spent many months documenting the challenges urban refugees face in their day to day lives in eight cities across four continents.

    The Untold Story of Urban Refugees

    Over half the world’s refugees now live in large towns and cities where they are confronted by a new set of challenges. The traditional image of life in tented, sprawling camps no longer tells the full refugee story. As urbanisation reshapes much of the world, refugees too are increasingly moving to large towns and cities. In addition, urban areas are rapidly expanding, making them increasingly vulnerable to man-made and natural disasters. With this explosive growth come new types of risks, vulnerabilities and potential humanitarian crises.

    Through images, refugee testimonials and video, the resulting body of work presents a unique insight into the lives of urban refugees today and challenges the commonly held stereotypes. From Somali refugees in Nairobi to Syrian refugees in north Jordan, and from Burmese refugees in Kuala Lumpur to Afghan refugees in New York, this is the story of where people flee when all is lost or changing.

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