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Ten days left to have your say on future direction of the EU
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Published on 31-08-12

There is still time to share your ideas on how the EU should look in 2020 by participating in the broadest public consultation the Commission has ever published, but hurry as the questionnaire needs to be completed by 9 September 2012.

    Ten days left to have your say on future direction of the EU

    Today, EU citizens enjoy and perhaps take for granted, common rights to live, travel, study, work and retire anywhere in the EU.

    But the benefits of EU membership don't stop there. Today, the Commission is working on issues such as banning extra credit card charges and pre-ticked boxes for online shoppers and making it easier to register a car in another EU country.  Whilst mobile phone users have been benefitting from cheaper roaming charges for a number of years.

    Yet many people continue to face obstacles when exercising their EU rights.

    So the Commission wants to hear what you think about your EU rights and any problems you might have faced.  Such as when moving around the EU on holidays, or for work or study.  Or even if you have experienced difficulties shopping online.

    The consultation also gives respondents the opportunity to feed in more general views on the future of the EU.

    What next?

    Responses and ideas will form part of the next EU Citizenship Report which will be published in 2013, the European Year of Citizens. The consultation results will feed directly into the policy agenda, and will help address any remaining obstacles that hinder people from enjoying their rights as EU citizens.

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