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Internet access to GPS data creates business opps
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Published on 26-07-12

GPS data can now be obtained via the internet thanks to a new commercial service designed to make satellite navigation in Europe more reliable and more useful for commercial opportunities. Access to GPS data will also be possible via hand-held devices. Launched by European Commission, European Data Access Service (EDAS) will support services such a high-precision fertiliser spraying, helping the visually impaired and improving road safety to mention just a few of the applications.

    Internet access to GPS data creates business opps

    EDAS is the third service provided by EGNOS (the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Services) which increases GPS accuracy and supports applications requiring high precision.  For instance, it can correct errors caused by atmospheric disturbances.

    By making GPS available via the internet, EDAS ensures users can access information even if the EGNOS satellite signal in space is unavailable, such as signal obstruction in urban areas. 

    Contacting EGNOS/Galileo

    The EGNOS Helpdesk ( or tel: +34 911236555) allows users to register for the service, ask questions about the status of EGNOS services and performance and consult the EDAS Service Definition Document (EDAS SDD).



    EGNOS was Europe's first venture into the field of satellite navigation and paved the way for Galileo, Europe's independent global satellite navigation system.

    Galileo's 30 strong satellite constellation, currently in the process of being deployed, is expected to provide initial services early in 2014.

    Earlier this year, Patrick Galvin, a ten-year old schoolboy from Watford, scooped first prize in a drawing competition and won the opportunity to have a Galileo satellite named after him.

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