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UK has the highest amount of internet shoppers in EU
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Published on 19-06-12

UK shoppers are the most prolific online shoppers, but are much less confident when it comes to making online purchases from other EU countries, according to an EU study published today. Whilst more than 70% of people said they had shopped online, only 10% surveyed said these were cross-border purchases.  Sales of online music and film were the most popular purchases.

    UK has the highest amount of internet shoppers in EU

    The picture is somewhat different for the UK's small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with sales only reaching a little over 14%.  Whilst this is above the EU average of 12.4%, it seems likely that the UK, along with the majority of EU member states, will fail to reach an EU target set at 33% by 2015.

    Also published today was data showing a clear trend in delivering consumers with higher speeds using first generation broadband technology with some 73.1% of fixed lines in the UK providing speeds of 10Mbps, above the EU average of 48.4%.  However, when it comes to high and ultra fast speeds, only 5.5% of lines in the UK provide speeds between 30Mbps and below 100Mbps compared to an EU average of 8.1%.  Only 0.1% of UK fixed lines provide speeds equal or above 100Mbps.

    The figures are just a small sample of data taken from the latest Digital Agenda Scoreboard which measures member states' progress implementing the 101 policy actions. In general, whilst there are signs of progress across the sectors, there is also evidence of wasted potential important to fulfil in the current economic climate and proof that further structural reform in EU economies is needed.

    Commenting on the findings, EU Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes said: "Europeans are hungry for digital technologies and more digital choices, but governments and industry are not keeping up with them. This attachment to 20th century policy mindsets and business models is hurting Europe’s economy. It’s a terrible shame. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by under-investing. Europe will be flattened by its global competitors if we continue to be complacent.”

    Only 11 per cent of UK population (EU:27%) say they have never used the internet.  Old age is cited as the main factor amongst non-users.

    A report on how telecom regulations are being implemented and how they working in the 27 member states was also published.

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