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Published on 03-04-12

The Latin American air carrier Conviasa has been banned from operating within the EU due to numerous safety concerns following accidents and ramp checks at EU airports, the European Commission announced today with the publication of the latest "EU air safety list".

    Safer skies across the EU

    The safety performance of two other Venezuelan air carriers, Estellar Latinoamerica and Aerotuy, has also been reviewed.  Whilst measures were not considered necessary at this stage, both air carriers will remain subject to increased monitoring.

    All air carriers licensed in Libya are also included on the list until at least November 2012, following restrictions imposed by Libyan civil aviation authorities.

    The Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for transport, Siim Kallas, said: "The Commission is ready to spare no effort to assist its neighbours in building their technical and administrative capacity to overcome any difficulties in the area of safety as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In the meantime, safety comes first. We cannot afford any compromise in this area. Where we have evidence inside or outside the European Union that air carriers are not performing safe operations, we must act to guarantee to exclude any risks to safety."

    Today's publication is the 19th update of the list of airlines banned from operating in the EU for safety reasons or which are subject to operational restrictions within the EU and replaces the one established in November 2011.  It includes all carriers certified in 21 States, accounting for 279 known air carriers, whose operations are fully banned in the EU.


    Effective aviation safety standards have made Europe's safety record amongst the best in the world.  The EU and its member states are working with safety authorities in other countries to raise safety standards across the world, however there are still some airlines operating in conditions below essential safety levels. So to ensure the highest level of safety, the Commission working in conjunction with EU aviation safety authorities, decided to ban these unsafe airlines from European airspace.

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