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Published on 12-09-12

Opening his State of the Union address (for full speech) in the European Parliament today, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso called for  “a Decisive Deal for Europe to project our values, our freedom and our prosperity into the future of a globalized world.” He added that this did not mean a “superstate” but a “democratic federation of nation states that can tackle our common problems.”

    Commission President José-Manuel Barroso

    Commission President José-Manuel Barroso

    Mr Barroso went on to set out in detail his political vision of how the EU can emerge from the current economic crisis and build “a better, stronger and a more united Europe”. In an accompanying open letter to the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, Mr Barroso listed the policy initiatives the Commission will bring forward between now and the next European Parliament elections in mid-2014.

    A summary of the speech and accompanying material can be found on President Barroso’s website

    The President will answer citizens' questions on the State of the Union on 19 September 2012 18.00 hrs BST in a live interview with Euronews, based on Google+ hangout technology. Submit your video or text question now to President Barroso at Live streaming of the interview will be available on EbS, Euronews, YouTube/EUTube, the President's website and the Commission's Google+ site.

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