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Published on 22-12-11

The European Commission has today set out guidelines so that a court ruling outlawing fixing insurance premiums purely on gender criteria will lead to fairer prices for consumers rather than increased profits.

    © iStockphoto/Felix Manuel Burgos-Trujillo

    © iStockphoto/Felix Manuel Burgos-Trujillo

    The aim is to protect consumers by making sure that a March 2011 European Court of Justice ruling is fairly applied. The Commission's guidelines will ensure that charges are based on individual behaviour and risk profiles, rather than simply on whether a customer is a man or a woman.  This does not mean that women will always pay the same car insurance premiums as men. It does mean that a careful young male driver will no longer pay more for insurance just because he is a man.

    The ruling will enter into force in a year's time, on 21 December 2012, and the Commission's Guidelines will help consumers and the industry to prepare in good time.

    EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said: "The Commission will remain vigilant in how the industry implements the court’s ruling. I expect that insurers that move to a unisex tariff first will have a competitive advantage on the European market."

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