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Published on 13-12-11

Japan and Korea are two of the largest economies in the world and offer a wealth of opportunities for European businesses; however, because of cultural and language barriers, these markets are a real challenge for European companies.
For these reasons, the European Commission launched in 1979 the Executive Training Programme (ETP).

    Executive Training Programme in Japan and Korea (ETP)

    ETP provides a 45-week intensive training for European executives; the training is divided in 3 steps:

    • An inception module in Europe at SOAS University in London (3 weeks) about the culture, history and civil society in Japan or Korea.
    • An immersion module either in Japan or in Korea, respectively at Waseda or Yonsei University (30 weeks), about business culture and language in these two countries.
    • An internship in a Japanese or Korean company (12 weeks).

    The next ETP training cycle will start in November 2012. The enrolment is open for EU executives until May 2012:
    Regarding the new challenges in Japan with high opportunities in energy and construction sectors and the coming into force of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Korea, ETP is even more a good response to these defies.

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