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Published on 02-11-11

Two Reuters' journalists have been recognised for their awareness raising article on the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.  Their in-depth article was chosen as the UK finalist in this year's Health Prize for Journalists which recognises good journalism in the field of EU healthcare issues.

    Helping raise awareness on health issues

    Ben Hirschler and Kate Kelland were nominated for their article, When drugs don't work , which was published in March this year.

    "The problem of antibiotic resistance has been slowly creeping up on humankind but the general population hasn’t paid it too much attention to it – at least not yet. People have heard of MRSA but they still assume doctors will have plenty of drugs to make them better when they get a bacterial infection. After all, didn’t Alexander Fleming win the battle against bacteria 80 years ago?  We wanted to look under the hood of the continuing scientific fight against “superbugs” and to highlight the very real threats posed by new mutations like NDM 1.

    "The other half of the story covers the worrying loss of interest by profit-driven big pharmaceutical companies in finding new antibiotics. It took quite a bit of work to pull together the scientific, human interest and industrial strands of the story, so it is very nice to get the recognition of the jury in the EU health journalism competition.

    Their article now goes before a European jury in early December where it will be judged against the other EU entries.  The winner and runners-up will be announced at a ceremony in Brussels on 31 January 2012.

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