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Published on 29-06-11

Articles which help the public better understand the benefits of diversity and the right to a life free of discrimination are being sought for entries in this year's "Together against discrimination" competition. 

The award is part of the European Commission's efforts to raise awareness of these EU rights.

    Together against discrimination

    The articles must also be based on at least one of the EU anti-discrimination grounds ie racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

    They must also have been published in print or online media in the EU between 18th September 2010 and 10th November 2011.

    Journalists may also be nominated for the award by another person as long as consent has been granted.

    Prize vouchers worth €5,000 (about £4,336) will be awarded to the overall EU winner, with runner-up prizes of €3,500 (£3,035) and €2,500 (£2,167). There will also be a prize for each of the 27 national winners of €1,000 in vouchers (£867). 

    The competition closes at 11.00GMT on 10th November 2011.

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