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Cadmium in jewellery to be banned
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Published on 20-05-11

From December 2011, cadmium will be banned from all jewellery products because of its carcinogenic effect, the Commission announced today.  Some imports of costume jewellery have been found to contain a high presence of the toxic chemical and children, in particular, are at risk of exposure through skin contact or when objects are placed in the mouth.

European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, responsible for industry and entrepreneurship said: "This is positive news for consumers, as well as for industry, since it has already developed alternatives to this substance. It also proves, once more, the essential role played by EU legislation in granting high standards on health safety."

    Cadmium in jewellery to be banned

    The new legislation prohibits the use of cadmium in all types of jewellery products, except for antiques.

    The ban includes the use of cadmium in all plastics, and brazing sticks (used to in dissimilar materials as fumes released during the process are dangerous if inhaled.

    The new rules also promote the recovery of PVC waste for use in a number of construction products and will help protect the environment by reducing cadmium pollution.

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