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Know your rights before visiting Europe this summer
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Published on 17-05-11

The UK European Consumer Centre is urging UK travellers to get to "know your rights” before visiting Europe this summer to make their trip as trouble-free as possible.

Continuing their work providing advice on consumer rights, the UK ECC wants people to be well prepared before they travel and have issued a set of "revision notes" on the safeguards in place.

    Know your rights before visiting Europe this summer

    Every year the UK ECC experiences a surge of complaints and enquiries from consumers who have failed to sort out disputes themselves after their holidays.

    Jed Mayatt, UK ECC Director said: "Our ultimate aim is to help as many UK consumers as possible who encounter problems with a trader based in Europe, to achieve a refund, replacement, repair or cancellation of their contract.  However, we also want people to "do their homework" before they go then they are better prepared."

    Advice topics include: buying goods and services; timeshare and holiday clubs; package holidays; car rental; air travel; mobile roaming

    For more information

    Those seeking advice or wishing to pursue a complaints can do so online at or by phone on 08456 04 05 03 weekdays between 10am and 3pm.

    For pre-shopping advice, consumers can contact the UK ECC's sister organisation, the European Consumer Centre for Services


    The UK ECC is part of the European Consumer Centre Network which provides assistance to EU consumers in resolving disputes with buying goods and services, online shopping, internet auctions, timeshare/holiday clubs, as well as air travel.

    It is co-funded by the European Commission and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

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