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Published on 10-05-11

How does satellite navigation look through the eyes of a 9-year-old? The European Commission is testing the space with a drawing competition for children. The competition is to mark the launch of the Galileo satellites in August this year – a key step towards the European satellite navigation system that will provide precision positioning and is essential for various activities: from farming to rescue operations in adverse weather.

    Galileo satellite

    Galileo satellite

    Children aged between 9 and 11 are invited to present drawings related to space and satellite navigation. In each member state a national jury will select a winner and his or her name will be given to one of the Galileo satellites. As the satellites are launched in stages, the competition is launched in different member states over several months according to the alphabetical order of the countries' names. In the UK the competition will start on 1 September and close on 15 November. The winner will be announced in January/February 2012.

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