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Don't get caught out buying festival tickets
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Published on 14-04-11

The UK's European Consumer Centre has published a warning to festival-goers to keep their wits about them when buying tickets ahead of this year's events. The secondary ticket market, where tickets are not allocated by event organisers, pose problems every year for UK consumers.

    Don't get caught out buying festival tickets

    The centre's leaflet "Can you rely on your festival tickets? " outlines how consumers can be caught out and offers "before you buy" advice.

    Jed Mayatt, UK ECC Manager, said: “Secondary ticket sellers tend to specialise in ‘sold-out’ events - whether they are festivals, sporting or cultural. We want consumers to be cautious when buying tickets, particularly if an event is sold out - a ‘sold-out’ event means it is sold out! But the temptation of a website still offering tickets is too great for some people, even if it is at inflated prices.

    “In many cases, the tickets will never be delivered. Most terms and conditions state that tickets will arrive just before the event, but if this doesn’t happen, the seller may be long gone and the consumer would have little protection. Redress then becomes very difficult.

    The UK ECC is part of the European Consumer Centre Network which provides assistance to EU consumers in resolving disputes with traders.  It is co-funded by the European Commission and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

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