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BPA banned for use in baby bottles
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Published on 01-03-11

From today, the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) has been banned in the manufacture of plastic feeding bottles in the EU due to uncertainties in current scientific research on the harmfulness of BPA exposure in infants.  BPA belongs to a group of chemicals which have been identified as affecting the endocrine system.

The ban will be extended to the placing on the market and import into the EU of baby bottles containing BPA from the 1 June.  In the meantime, baby bottles containing BPA are being withdrawn and replaced with safer products voluntarily by the industry which should be completed by mid 2011.

    BPA banned for use in baby bottles

    John Dalli, Commissioner in charge of Health and Consumer Policy, said: "Today represents a landmark in our efforts to better protect the health of EU citizens, in particular our children. Due to the fact that there are uncertainties concerning the harmfulness of the exposure of infants to Bisphenol A, the Commission deemed it both necessary and appropriate to take action to reduce the exposure of the most vulnerable part of our population to this substance and thus safeguarding their health."

    The Commission is entitled to take preventive measures on the basis of the precautionary principle even if the risk, notably to human health, has not yet been fully demonstrated.

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