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Your Europe Advice – taking advantage of Europe's single market
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Published on 22-02-11

Your Europe Advice is the European Commission's portal to help make the EU single market a more tangible reality for people and business across the European Union. The modernised site offers quick replies to questions on EU rights in any of the EU official languages.

Formerly known as the Citizen's Signpost, Your Europe Advice portal was renamed in 2010 to reflect a closer link with the Your Europe website. This portal has also been revamped to offer clear and practical information for those wanting to move, travel or shop within the EU.  Interactive and easy to navigate, Your Europe features sample stories, warning and tips.

Whilst Your Europe offers general, practical information on EU rights and how to exercise them, people needing personalised advice can turn to Your Europe Advice where a national expert stands ready to assist, offering a reply within a week.

    Your Europe Advice – taking advantage of Europe's single market

    Internal Market and Services Commissioner Michel Barnier said: "Your Europe Advice helps citizens and companies take advantage of the single market by sorting out the practical problems they face, in particular when they want to live and work abroad. The service has a positive impact on the lives of thousands of individuals and businesses who can now fully exercise their rights."

    In 2010, Your Europe Advice received 12,000 questions from people asking about their rights, such as, their health insurance or unemployment benefit entitlements when going to live and work abroad.  A 15 per cent rise on the previous year.  This means 12,000 explanations and pieces of advice given to people who are now a step closer to taking full advantage of their rights in the internal market.

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