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Young People Speak Out for the opening of the exhibition We Are Here
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Published on 15-02-11

At the opening of the We Are Here exhibition at the 12 Star Gallery, Europe House, on Wednesday 16 February 2011, young parents from across the UK will get the chance to present their photographs and films as part of a pan-European project – We Are Here – which challenges our perceptions of young people’s lives – who they are, how they feel and the things that matter to them.

    Young People Speak Out for the opening of the exhibition We Are Here

    Taking place in four European countries – UK, Italy, Hungary and Serbia - We Are Here gives a voice to young people who can tell us about who they are from their own perspective, young people who are not always heard, let alone seen as making a positive contribution to their own communities and society in general.

    Kylie Rumney and Lindsay McGregor from The Boost Group, Health for All, South Leeds said: ‘During our project we looked back at archive material to see what it was like for mums in the past. The way in which young mums are thought of now has come a long way, but there are still improvements that could be made. Many people think that when you have a baby so young you have ruined your life or they think you’ll never be able to achieve your dreams or ambitions, but this is not true and our campaign ‘Future Me’ intends to change the stereotypes and opinions of our communities and hopefully others.’

    The exhibition focuses on issues that were raised in the European Year 2010: Poverty and Social Inclusion and will be shown until Friday 25 February 2011. The 12 Star Gallery is open from 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday and is located at Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU.

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