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Published on 08-02-11

For the eight year running 8 February is marked as Safer Internet Day – this year in 65 countries around the world. EU research shows that children are going online from a younger age and not just from computers, but also games consoles and mobile phones. More than 82 % of 15-16 year olds in Europe have a social networking profile and 1 in 5 even earlier – at the age of 9-10 years. But a lot of them are unaware of the risks. 14% post their address and phone number on their profile and a lot of teenagers leave their profiles completely public – i.e. easily accessible to everybody. Safer Internet Day 2011 reminds young people that what they do or say online can have real consequences beyond their virtual life.

    In the UK, the Safer Internet Centre has a range of activities to raise awareness. For example, a 12-hour interactive radio programme that will feature Internet Safety News every hour, sensible advice and expert's guidance throughout the day. It will also encourage listeners to engage with the show via phone, texting, tweeting and emails. The UK’s Safer Internet Centre have also developed a resource packs for primary and secondary schools highlighting new and innovative online safety offerings. Other events on Safer Internet Day include mentoring sessions, informative workshops, school events for parents, teachers  and young people and other awareness sessions. 

    Concrete tips for parents on how to keep your child safe online:

    Awareness raising material

    Online gaming: An introduction for parents and carers


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