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28 January - Data Protection Day
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Published on 28-01-11

How do you permanently delete profile information on social networking websites? Can you transfer your contacts and photos to another service? How is this data used and by whom? Controlling your information, having access to your data, being able to modify or delete it are essential rights that have to be guaranteed in today's digital world.

The European Commission and the Council of Europe, in an effort to promote the fundamental right to data protection, are celebrating the annual Data Protection Day on 28 January. The aim is to raise awareness about what personal data is collected and processed about us, why and what our rights are with respect to this processing. The focus this year is on privacy and social networks.

    The date 28 January was chosen as Data Protection Date because it celebrates previous efforts in the EU's data protection (15thanniversary of the EU's data protection Directive of 1995). Last year the European Commission opened a policy review, which will help to revise this directive.

    To highlight this year's focus - 'privacy on social networks - think before you post' – the Commission has produced a short videoclip available to watch or download.

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