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How to prevent snow disruption to air travel
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Published on 19-01-11

The European Commission Vice President in charge of transport, Siim Kallas, met in Brussels with representatives from major European airports to discuss how to prevent in future travel disruptions due to snow. In December 2010 many of Europe's larger hubs were partially closed during one of the busiest weekends of the year - the beginning of the Christmas holidays. Several areas were identified where there is need for improvement: better contingency planning for snow, better coordination between teams in the air and on the ground, better and more timely information about delays and re-routing. One key idea is to have a minimum service and quality requirements at airports for passengers.

    How to prevent snow disruption to air travel

    "Those requirements need to be consistent across Europe. Every plane journey involves at least two airports. It's no good if my departure airport is clear but my destination is snowed under.

    We take consistent European standards for granted when it comes to aviation safety – and rightly so. Now we need to do the same for severe weather planning," said Vice-President Kallas.

    Looking ahead to Christmas 2011, he has asked European Airports to come back to him with a progress report on contingency planning for next winter. The Vice President will bring forward specific measures to address the above issues in the Airports Package due in principle before the Summer.

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