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Published on 07-01-11

EU funded researchers have developed a technological solution that will help elderly and disabled people to control various home appliances via their remote control or mobile phone. The new technology – a personalised and simplified Universal Remote Console Interface – can be installed on various devices: a universal remote control, a mobile phone or a computer. It can then be used to switch on or off washing machines, air conditioning, DVD players.

It can also help people with cognitive disabilities be more independent by making it simpler for them to perform tasks or by reminders about daily activities, even when they are out of their home. For people with poor sight, visual control menus are replaced with a speech interface.

    Universal remote control console

    Universal remote control console

    The new solution is part of the "I2HOME" project – a joint project between researchers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Its main aim is to make appliances and devices more accessible. "I2HOME" has been tested in day-care centres and in homes in four pilot locations and one hundred companies and organisations across Europe already use it.

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