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Goodbye to data-roaming bill shocks
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Published on 01-03-10

Have you ever wanted to watch your favourite TV show online when on holidays abroad - but left your laptop at home because this could cost a fortune? From 1 March huge bills for mobile data-roaming that hit you out of the blue should become history. Under EU rules European mobile companies are now obliged to offer their customers a cut-off facility. This means that the customer will first get a warning and then his or her mobile connection to the internet will be cut off when the bill reaches a specified limit.

The cut-off limit is initially set up to €50 (about £45). But companies can offer any other limit. Customers themselves have until 1 July to make a deliberate choice in order to benefit for the mechanism. However, for those who fail to do so by the end date, the limit will automatically be set at €50.

    Goodbye to data-roaming bill shocks

    The measures aim to protect people from "bill shocks" for surfing the Internet with their mobile phones and laptops while travelling in EU countries other than their country of residence. Consumers who have concerns or encounter problems should contact their national regulator –  Ofcom for the UK.

    The EU rules for data-roaming are  a follow-up to measures which reduced the price for sending text messages or for making calls while travelling within the EU by as much as 70%. These rules also set a maximum of how much companies can charge each other for data transfer – savings which should in turn bring down the price for surfing the Internet while abroad.



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