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Design a poster for Europe Day 2010: help us choose a winner!
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Published on 08-01-10

Dynamic. Diverse. Unified. Imaginative. That’s the spirit of Europe, evoked by 10 posters created to celebrate Europe Day, 9 May 2010.

Now it’s your turn to pick the winning poster that best captures your feelings about Europe. The winning poster will be used for the annual Europe Day celebration, a day for Europeans to mark the achievements of the European Union in bringing the citizens of 27 nations together in a common cause and to debate the future.

    Design a poster for Europe Day 2010: help us choose a winner!

    Before you vote, here is what you need to know:

    •    Europe Day is the EU's birthday. The date of 9 May has been chosen because on that day in 1950 the French politician Robert Schuman presented his proposal  to create an organised and peaceful Europe.

    •    The 10 posters have been chosen by an independent jury from among 1,703 submitted by graphic design students from across Europe in a competition to create the best poster to represent Europe Day.

    •    Using the theme “I love Europe”, the students were asked: what does Europe mean to you today? What exactly is it that you love about Europe and the European Union? And how would you express your feelings?          

    •    The winning poster will be published in the EU’s 23 official languages.

    Which one do you like best? Join in the fun by viewing the 10 posters and voting online by clicking here.


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