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In No Particular Order: Paintings by Martin Gustavsson
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17 - 26 October 2012 

This work is a variety of paintings arranged in a grid along the walls of the exhibition space. This continuously expanding project constitutes and defines itself with every exhibition anew, undermining predetermined structures of meaning in a contingent process of coming into being and decay. No exhibition resembles the other. There is no single underlying system of meaning at hand. Following the concept of chance, the combination and hanging of the panels is invented for every context, usually involving a dice, and taking into account the architectural specificities of different spaces.

    In No Particular Order: Paintings by Martin Gustavsson

    This process based way of working is strictly anti-hierarchical. The image montages are composed of a multiplicity of paintings that refer to a complex image archive, including art historical, religious as well as pop cultural signifiers. I deliberately try and subvert common hierarchies of genre, motif or style. Almost illusionistic paintings are juxtaposed in sharp contrast with abstract geometric compositions. This inherently fragmented structure of “In No Particular Order” not only refuses the validity of one single, established narration. It attempts to interrogate painting itself, fragmenting the very boundaries of its medium specificity, shifting focus from the auratic original painting towards the collectivity of images in an installation.

    Organised by the Embassy of Sweden in the UK

    12 Star Gallery 
    The 12 Star Gallery is located at Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU and shows work which celebrates the creativity and cultural diversity that is the hallmark of the European Union. The gallery is open from 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

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