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27 February – March 2 2012

Conkers! features new drawings and paintings by three emerging London based artists: Alexander Brenchley, Tyler Bright Hilton and Meaghan Hyckie.

Like the traditional children’s game where string-bound horse chestnuts are struck against each other until one breaks, the work in this exhibition attempts to bash together and accumulate disparate historic and contemporary influences from European illustration and painting.

As Europe’s largest city, London is a natural hub of cultural exchange and connection with easy access to the wider European Union. For the artists featured in this exhibition, London provides an environment saturated with a massive confluence of potential influences, both historic and contemporary, to engage with.

The challenge is how to distill all of this content – ranging from Titian to Tintin – in a way that is personal and considered without being ironic and facile.


    12 Star Gallery 
    The 12 Star Gallery is located at Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU and shows work which celebrates the creativity and cultural diversity that is the hallmark of the European Union. The gallery is open from 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

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