WP 6 European Road Safety Information System

D6.1 Proposal of EuroRIS

Not public

D6.2 Project website


D6.3 Final proposal of EuroRIS

Not public

D6.4 'Real' prototype of EuroRIS

Not public

D6.5-D6.9, D6.12-D6.14, D6.17-D6.22, D6.25-D6.27, D6.29 Web texts

Information on these topics can be found in the knowledge base of this website.

D6.5 Web text on Speeding

D6.6/D6.29 Web text on Road safety management (update October 2008)

D6.7 Web text on Alcohol

D6.8 Web text on Roads

D6.9 Web text on Vehicle safety

D6.12 Web text on Older drivers

D6.13 Web text on Novice drivers

D6.14 Web text on Post impact care

D6.17 Web text on Pedestrians and cyclists

D6.18 Web text on Powered two wheelers

D6.19 Web text on Work-related road safety

D6.20 Web text on Speed enforcement

D6.21 Web text on Quantitative road safety targets

D6.22 Web text on Cost-benefit analysis

D6.25 Web text on Fatigue

D6.26 Web text on Safety ratings

D2.27 Web text on e-Safety

D6.10 User Group testing report

Not public

D6.11 Extended Prototype European Road Safety Information System

Not public

D6.15 Large scale evaluation of the ERSO Information System

Not public

D6.16 SUNflowerNext

SUNflowerNext: Towards a composite road safety performance index

D6.23 ERSO Website Development and Maintenance: Editorial Board Procedures and Author Instructions

Not public

D6.24 Final ERSO website

D6.28 ERSO Promotion Plan

Not public

Download the ERSO promotion pack:

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