Training of emergency personnel

Emergency medical technicians who staff an ambulance who carry out basic pre-hospital care techniques to save lives and limit disability. However, research shows that the level of training and the degree of professionalism involved varies [9] [26]. The important status of the emergency medical technician is often not well recognised, is seen as an accessory for the fire department, or is even left to volunteers. The establishment of minimum standards at European Union level has been recommended by clinical experts in Europe [7]. Non-medical emergency services need to be trained in basic life support in order to provide immediate first aid. There also needs to be cooperation between the fire-fighting services and medical personnel when victims are not readily accessible and special training is organised in many Member States to this effect. One issue, in particular, is the need for safe extrication of victims and awareness of the rescue services of special hazards such as undeployed airbags.


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