Road traffic deaths and injuries

During 2005 there were around 41,600 road deaths in the European Union (25) with a fourfold difference in highest and lowest death rates per 100,000 population [14]. Involvement in road accidents is one of the three leading causes of death and hospital admission for EU (12) inhabitants (together with cancer and coronary heart diseases), and it is the leading cause of death for EU citizens under 50 years old [17]. It has also been estimated that for EU (12) countries [49]:

  • 1 in 3 citizens will need hospital treatment during their lifetime due to road crashes
  • 1 in 20 citizens will be killed or impaired by road crashes
  • 1 in 80 citizens will end their life 40 years too early due to road crashes
  • Road crashes cause 6 months shorter life expectancy.
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