Legislative framework for pre-hospital care

The following topics are commonly addressed by law or by administrative regulation [50] training, certification and licensure of providers of pre-hospital emergency medical care;

  • Services, including minimum skills requirements and provisions for disciplinary actions
  • Scope of practice (allowable skills) of pre-hospital providers and the conditions under which they may use these skills
  • Scope and authority of medical direction, including protocols determining a patientís destination, triage guidelines and protocols for interfacility transfer
  • Licensure or authorization of emergency medical services, including medical
  • Direction and training, and vehicles, including equipment, communications and others
  • Complaint investigation procedures
  • Quality improvement
  • Financing
  • Designation of medical facilities as specialty care centres if appropriate
  • Data collection, reporting and confidentiality
  • Accreditation of education programmes
  • Liability protection of providers and physicians, if needed
  • Communications requirements
  • Access to the emergency medical care system, including a nationwide emergency telephone number
  • Emergency medical service catchments areas and mutual aid requirements; disaster response.
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