Best practice: Trauma Service Clinical Arrangements


Minimum threshold of basic clinical capabilities to be provided by trauma centre, Buylaert ed.,1999


In-house 24 hours a day:

Emergency Medicine


General Surgery and any life saving surgery (such as urgent external fixation for pelvic

fractures, vascular surgery)

Radiology: a mobile X-ray apparatus should be located in the resuscitation room and the

other X-ray facilities such as CT-scan should located near the emergency department


On call promptly available:


Anesthesiology (2nd team)

General Surgery (2nd team)

Neurosurgery (2nd team)

Orthopaedic Surgery

Maxillo facial Surgery

Interventional Radiology



Pediatric Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Urologic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Thoracic surgery


Facilities and resources: available in-house 24 hours a day:

X-ray and Ultrasonography


Trauma operating room with staffed personnel

Clinical laboratory service

Blood bank with adequate storage facilities

Rehabilitation team for the acute trauma phase


The facilities and medical instruments for every clinical procedure must be recorded on dedicated checklists which are monitored every day by trained nursing staff overseen by the trauma coordinator.


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