Welcome to the European Road Safety Observatory

The European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO) is an essential website for all European road safety professionals. ERSO is the gateway into a central resource of European road safety data, knowledge and links.

This pilot website is one of the final results of SafetyNet, which is an integrated project funded by DG-TREN of the European Commission. The objective of the project is to build the framework of a European Road Safety Observatory, which will be the primary focus for road safety data and knowledge. Learn more about SafetyNet.


Why use ERSO?
In just a few minutes ERSO can provide you with information you need for road safety policy or research.


Who should use ERSO?
ERSO helps policy makers, researchers and road safety advisors to find their way into the European road safety world. Just a few mouse clicks and a policy maker finds e.g. in-depth knowledge on the use of alcohol in traffic. Just a few mouse clicks and a researcher knows e.g. the number of fatalities in Europe. To learn more about what ERSO can offers you, please click here.


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