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Clean transport, Urban transport

Joint Procurement

Actual experience of public procurement of clean vehicles indicates that difficulties and barriers are often encountered during the process. The PROCURA and COMPRO projects are aimed at tackling these challenges. Both are supported by the European Commission through its Intelligent Energy-Europe IEE Programme and will be finished during 2009.

The PROCURA project has analysed and developed schemes for joint and coordinated procurement teaming-up several fleet operators. The use of such schemes could help both vehicles operators and vehicles manufacturers to achieve lower prices and economies of scale. This should accelerate a broader market penetration of clean and energy-efficient vehicles.

The COMPRO project aims to create an international buyers’ consortium of local authorities for the joint procurement of clean, collective, public service transport vehicles. Starting from a group of four local authorities, the project is gaining enough critical mass to enlarge its group of investors, thereby creating competitive prices. Experts from industry, transport operators and other actors are fully involved in the process, to ensure that the latest evolutions and technological advances are considered. The ultimate aim is the promotion of a clean vehicles market on a European scale, identifying in the process, barriers to production and distribution.

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