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Clean transport, Urban transport


Conference on Urban Freight Transport and Logistics

"Innovative and sustainable solutions for Europe"

From 10:00 on 16 November to 14:30 on 17 November 2010

Albert Borchette Conference Centre, 1040 Brussels

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Opening Plenary Session

Opening Plenary Session (continuation); Round Table Discussion

Workshop 3: Urban Planning and Freight Distribution Plans


Workshop 3: Urban Planning and Freight Distribution Plans (continuation)

Workshop 5: Managing Freight Movement in the City (continuation); Feedback from the Workshops; Closing Remarks

On 16-17 November 2010, the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency hosted a conference on urban freight transport and logistics in Brussels. The conference brought together high-level representatives from the European institutions and from key stakeholder associations to debate on sustainable solutions to urban freight in Europe's cities.

This event was foreseen in Action 19 (urban freight transport) of the Action Plan on Urban Mobility, as adopted by the European Commission on 30 September 2009, and fell within the framework of the programme of the Belgian Presidency to promote innovative and sustainable transport solutions for Europe.

The conference was structured to cover several key aspects of urban freight transport and logistics, which were discussed in six thematic workshops.

For further information on the content of the conference, please contact:

European Commisssion
Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport
Unit B/4 - Clean transport, urban transport and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
B-1049 Brussels


Related documents

Conference reports

  1. Summary report of all conference workshops
  2. Summary report of requested EU action

Conference reports zip - 78 KB [78 KB]

Plenary session

  1. Sir Albert Bore, Rapporteur on Urban Mobility, Committee of the Regions
  2. Jean-Claude Moureau, Director-General of Bruxelles-Mobilité / Mobiel Brussel

Plenary session zip - 734 KB [734 KB]

Workshop 1 - Connecting the city and the hinterland

  1. Prof. Heike Flämig, Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, Institute of Traffic Planning and Logistics:
    Presentation of the results of the ‘Binnen_Land’ project: logistics, integration of inland waterway, transport and urban ports
  2. Hans Peter Hadorn, Ports of Switzerland:
    Role of rail in urban freight logistics + Basel as urban node on TEN-T priority project n° 24
  3. Alfons Moens, Director General, Port of Brussels:
    Cooperation between inland ports and seaports
  4. Marie-Laure Viala, Directrice Affaires Européennes de SNCF Geodis
    Focus on the SNCF experience

Workshop 1 zip - 9 MB [9 MB]

Workshop 2 - Consolidation centres

  1. Jean Thevenon, Centre d’études sur les réseaux, les transports, l’urbanisme et les constructions publiques (CERTU):
    French strategic approach to urban consolidation (issues and lessons) and the example of La Rochelle
  2. Martin Salet, Senior Policy Advisor, Directorate Road Infrastructure and Traffic Safety, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The Netherlands:
    Dutch experience with urban consolidation centres (success and failure factors)
  3. Gary Sullivan, Wilson James Ltd:
    London Construction Consolidation Centre

Workshop 2 zip - 4 MB [4 MB]

Workshop 3 - Urban planning and freight distribution plans

  1. Erik van Agtmaal, Altimedes Consulting, Green Logistics:
    Urban Freight Transport and Logistics Plans - Fit for purpose?
  2. Fabio Cartolano, City of Bologna and Civitas member, Italy:
    Civitas Mimosa (follow-up to Utrecht workshop) and city freight delivery plan and the environmental zone in Bologna
  3. Frans Solleveld, City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
    Action plan for freight transport in Amsterdam
  4. Magnus Jäderberg, City of Göteborg, Sweden:
    Implications for stakeholders: freight network and city distribution
  5. Nico Anten, Managing Director, Connekt/ITS Netherlands:
    Sustainable Logistics Programme - Be Lean, Be Green

Workshop 3 zip - 5 MB [5 MB]

Workshop 4 - Last mile delivery

  1. Marcel Huschebeck, President of BESTUFS:
    The BESTUFS project (Best Urban Freight Solutions)
  2. Didrik Janin, Business Development Manager, La Petite Reine (electric tri-porters):
    The experience of La Petite Reine
  3. Peter Sonnabend, DHL:
    Impact on the last mile of parcel distribution - DHL Packstation
  4. Mark Degenkamp, Advisor Mobility Policy, City of Utrecht, Urban Development, Division Traffic and Transport:
    Delivery to consumers and role of E-Commerce (follow-up to Utrecht workshop)
  5. Robert Goevaers, NL Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Netherlands:
    Night Delivery

Workshop 4 zip - 5 MB [5 MB]

Workshop 5 - Managing freight movement in the city

  1. Alberto Preti, Institute for Transport and Logistics, Regio Emilia Romagna, Italy:
    City logistics policies and actions promoted by Emilia Romagna
  2. Asier Abaunya Robles, Bilbao, Spain:
    Measures taken in Bilbao and the FREILOT initiative
  3. Laurie Egan, Norfolk, UK:
    Lessons from Norfolk County Council and Norwich
  4. Julius Menge, Berlin’s Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin, Germany:
    Berlin’s approach to urban freight management - vision and reality
  5. Collin Bootsveld, Colruyt:
    Distribution scheme of a Belgian supermarket switching to silent delivery

Workshop 5 zip - 10 MB [10 MB]

Workshop 6 - Clean vehicles for urban freight transport

  1. Gianfranco Burzio, Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A.:
    CityMove, multi-role optimised vehicle for freight distribution in urban areas
  2. Muriel Barnéoud, La Poste, France:
    Postal involvement in sustainable delivery services
  3. Massimo Marciani, Centro Agroalimentare Logistico Parma:
    Ecocity experience in green fl eet management for urban distribution of food products
  4. Lars-Göran Rosengren, Vice President, AB Volvo, Innovation Strategy and Policy:
    Clean vehicles for consolidated urban freight transport
  5. Marc Verhaeren, Managing Partner, The Green Link:
    Sustainable first and last mile transport

Workshop 6 zip - 9 MB [9 MB]


Programme pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]