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Clean transport, Urban transport

Public consultations

Preparation of a Green Paper on Urban Transport

Consultation period: 26/02/2007 - 30/04/2007

Objectives of the consultation

The European Commission adopted the Green Paper "Towards a new culture for urban mobility” on 25 September 2007. This consultation document opened a debate on the key issues of urban mobility: free-flowing and greener towns and cities, smarter urban mobility and urban transport which is accessible, safe and secure for all European citizens.

The debate aimed at identifying, in partnership with all interested parties, the obstacles which hinder successful urban mobility and how to remove them. The Green Paper addresses, for example, how the quality of collective transport can be improved, how the use of clean and energy efficient technologies can be increased, how walking and cycling can be promoted and how the rights of passengers on public transport can be protected.

With the Green Paper, the Commission has set a new European agenda for urban mobility, while respecting the responsibilities of local, regional and national authorities in this field. The Commission intends to facilitate the search for solutions by, for example, sharing best practices.

The consultation period, during which stakeholders could send their comments to the Green Paper, ended on 15 March 2008. An Action Plan on urban mobility will follow in autumn 2008. For each proposed action, the Action Plan will indicate a time line for implementation and identify the responsibilities of the various actors.