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Critical infrastructure

The European Commission has adopted a package of measures to protect Europe's critical infrastructure.

The package consists of:


The adoption of the first two measures, on 12 Dec 2006, follows a consultation process through a Green Paper , published in November 2005.

In the Commission, the work on these first two (EPCIP) measures has been led by the Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security , with work on the third led by DG Energy and Transport.

The EPCIP is intended to provide an overall framework for action, much of which will be on a sector by sector basis. DG Energy and Transport has therefore looked closely at the areas for which it is responsible.

This resulted in the adoption, on 2 February 2007, of the Communication on Protecting Europe's Critical Energy and Transport Infrastructure, the first sector-level initiative in the framework of the EPCIP programme.

The main content of the communication are proposed criteria that can be used for identifying what is European critical infrastructure in each transport and energy sector.

Preparation of the communication included discussions with stakeholders, and the use of studies.

The Communication was drawn up with the help of an Impact Assessment.

It should be noted that the communication does not contain any proposals for legislative measures, but legislation remains one of the options for subsequent work.

Note: This document is restricted (RESTREINT UE), meaning that it is not available to the general public.


Stakeholders possess much of the knowledge on which any protection measures would need to be based. They are often also responsible for the operation of critical infrastructure. When developing its policy in this area, DG Energy and Transport wants to make the best use of this experience.

In the transport area, the Commission has held a number of workshops with Member States and industry stakeholders during seminars organised by DG Justice, Freedom and Security in 2005 and 2006.

In the energy field, similar discussions were held at the same seminars. DG Transport and Energy has also participated in meetings of the Energy Security Platform, an industry-organised grouping that brings together representatives from European energy associations to discuss security issues.

In addition, between March and June 2006, expert meetings took place for: Maritime, Land Transport, Oil and Gas, Airports, Electricity and Air-Traffic Management.

In each case, representatives from Member States and European industry associations participated.

Consultations with stakeholders will continue in 2007, following the adoption of the Communication on Protecting Europe’s Critical Energy and Transport Infrastructure.

If you consider that you can add to this consultation process, please send an e-mail to TREN CI explaining how you can help.

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