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Second workshop linked to the Directive 2010/40/EU ("ITS Directive")

"Provision of reservation services for safe and secure truck parking for trucks and commercial vehicles"
Priority action "f"

11 September 2013 – 10:00–15:30

Borschette conference center, Brussels, room B3 (3rd Floor)

The Priority action for the "Provision of reservation services for safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles" is defined in the Framework of the ITS Directive.

The Workshop aims at building upon the first Workshop, discussing the intermediate conclusions of the support study and the first draft of specification for the provision of reservation services. This Workshop is opened to experts from Member States and all interested Stakeholders.


The existing capacity of truck parking areas along the main European transport corridors is not utilised efficiently everywhere in the Member States and there is hardly any information on neither available reservation services nor possibility to make a reservation.

Trucks therefore park in unsuitable manner and are victims of thefts and robberies. There is thus a strong need to avoid unsuitable parking leading to accidents and to contribute to safety of drivers and freight.

This action is linked to the information services for safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles - priority action "e" adopted by the European Commission on 15th of May 2013 – which have specified the roles and the procedures to define harmonised collection, sharing, dissemination of information on safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles.

The information services do contain the information whether a safe and secure parking area for trucks and commercial vehicles will provide reservation services or not.

The mandate given to the Commission is to define specifications for the reservation services for the safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles for reservation (action "f" of the ITS Directive 40/2010/EU).

1st Workshop conclusions

In the first Workshop a first discussion took place on what needs to be specified:

  • The definition of standardised procedures for proceeding to reservation should include: booking demand, confirmation, modification, payment.
  • Cancellation or no show management will be out of the scope of the specifications since they can be seen as commercial conditions.
  • Payment specification should be compatible with all existing means.
  • Use of electronic means, automatic detection and information of next parking places offering reservation services and user friendly interface should be emphasised. This is already described in action "e" on information services.
  • The relevant definition for data exchange and consistency between ITS technologies in both vehicles and road parking facilities not forgetting the necessary update of the information on available parking space for reservation purpose.

Second Workshop

The study to support specification "f" has confirmed these main steps of proceeding and the main preliminary conclusions will be extracted and soon available on the web.

This will lead to discussion.

A draft of the future specifications will also be circulated and discussed during the same workshop.

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Workshop material

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Preliminary conclusions of Intermediate report  pdf - 674 KB [674 KB]

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