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Workshop linked to the Directive 2010/40/EU ("ITS Directive")

"Provision of reservation services for safe and secure truck parking for trucks and commercial vehicles"

4 July 2013 – 10.00–16.00

Borschette conference center, Brussels

The existing capacity of truck parking areas along the main European transport corridors is not utilised efficiently everywhere in the Member States and there is hardly any possibility to make a reservation. This utilisation is not optimal because truck drivers or Transport companies have not access to real time information about availability in order to make the optimal decisions where to park and comply with driving time rules. Periodically some truck parking areas are fully occupied while other areas nearby which could be reached within the drivers' time limit can have empty places. This situation is foreseen, all other things equal, to occur more often in the future due to the expected growth in road freight transport.

Possibilities to secure a parking place with a reservation can be useful or required mainly in the following situations:

Specific needs to be addressed are mainly: high value cargo and/or dangerous goods that need to be informed on reservation possibilities on highly secured parking places.

In today's situation, very few dissemination means offer the location of parking facilities on main EU axis, there is no systematic collection of relevant and harmonised information (attributes) regarding each parking facility (e.g. total number of parking places; periodic count of available parking places, security level of parking areas, etc.).

Specifications for information services (action e) have provided the definition, the roles and the procedures to define harmonised collection, sharing, dissemination of information on safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles.

After this first step, the specifications on reservation of parking places is the next step as a logical continuation for harnessing the benefits of the provision of information on safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles.

Reservation services remain scarce across Europe but the foreseen increase of the freight road traffic in the future will call for an extension of this type of services.

The measure will potentially affect the truck and commercial vehicles drivers, who will directly benefit from the availability of such parking reservation services.

The measure will also impact all the other actors and stakeholders concerned with commercial transport, such as the transport and road operators, the existing parking operators, the police and emergency services, the central, regional and local authorities, the insurance companies, and more broadly telecom companies, public/private traffic information providers, ITS service providers, user associations and any road users, etc.

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