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Intelligent transport systems


Workshop linked to the Action Plan on Intelligent Transport Systems


"Liability aspects related to ITS applications"


13 June 2012 – 10.00–16.15 Hotel Bedford

Rue du Midi 135-137


The European Commission is conducting, in the framework of action 5.2 of the ITS Action Plan, a study entitled Address the liability issues pertaining to the use of ITS applications and notably in-vehicle safety systems .

This workshop aims at informing the stakeholders of preliminary results, collecting additional inputs from them and gathering their opinions on key issues and possible recommended actions and potential specific measures to eliminate ITS deployment barriers based on liability.

The workshop includes:

1)    A presentation and discussion of the preliminary results regarding the status quo on ITS liability as presented in the Intermediate Report 1

2)    Presentations of specific experiences  and expectations regarding ITS liability

3)    Active elaboration of specific key questions regarding ITS liability by the participants

4)    Developing of concrete approaches to solve liability issues

5)    Identifying of expectations to the European Commission concerning regulations on an European Level

To register please send your name, organisation and contact details together with the keywords "Liability Workshop" to before 6 June 2012. Registration is now closed (07/06/2012).