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Intelligent transport systems


Workshop linked to the Action Plan on Intelligent Transport Systems

"Forum: ITS for Urban Mobility.

Consultation on draft Guidelines of the Urban ITS Expert Group"


15 May 2012 – 10.00 –18.00

BIP, Brussels Info Place

10-11 Place Royale,

1000 Brussels

The Forum organised by the Commission (DG MOVE) together with ERTICO and EUROCITIES, will focus on the draft guidelines for the deployment of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) in urban areas.

The draft guidelines have been developed by the Commission's Expert Group on ITS for Urban Areas. The Expert Group has been created in December 2010 for the duration of 24 months. The mission of the Group is to contribute to the implementation of the Action Plan on the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and the Action Plan on Urban Mobility. This Expert Group works towards providing guidance on three key applications of urban ITS (travel information, traffic management (including urban logistics) and smart ticketing) and promoting best practice exchange.

This workshop will present and discuss interim results of the process of drafting guidelines for the aforementioned three key applications. It will give the opportunity to different stakeholders to get acquainted with the experts' work, express their comments and ask questions.  The feedback gathered during the workshop will reveal crucial for the finalization of the guidance documents by the end of November 2012, when the mandate of the Expert Group will end.

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Workshop material

Agenda pdf - 284 KB [284 KB]


Panel 1 – Presentation of draft Guideline on "Multimodal information" pdf - 609 KB [609 KB] , Jean Coldefy, Grand Lyon

Panel 2 – Presentation of draft Guideline on "Smart ticketing" pdf - 174 KB [174 KB] , Alexandre Blaquière, Tisséo-SMTC

Panel 3 – Presentation of draft Guideline on "Traffic management and urban logistics" pdf - 182 KB [182 KB] , Steve Kearns, Transport for London