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Workshop linked to the Directive 2010/40/EU ("ITS Directive")

"Road Safety Related Minimum Universal Traffic Information"

29 June 2012 – 10.00–16.00

Hotel Bedford

Rue du Midi 135-137 - Brussels

Currently, the European Commission is conducting a study in support to the impact assessment and development of specifications on Data and procedures for the provision, where possible, of road safety related minimum universal traffic information free of charge to users (Priority action c of the Directive 2010/40/EU - "ITS Directive").

This workshop aims at informing the stakeholders, collecting additional inputs from them and gathering their opinions on the key issues and possible options for the implementation of road safety related minimum universal traffic information across Europe.

This workshop will present the preliminary results of the impact assessment study:

  • overview of the current situation concerning road safety and safety related traffic information services in EU Member States
  • results of the interviews with selected stakeholders, and of the online public consultation
  • analysis of standards available for the coding of safety related traffic information
  • analysis of dissemination channels available for the distribution of safety related traffic information
  • anticipated deployment options to be further analysed in the course of the impact assessment study

Findings and key issues will be discussed with participating stakeholders from the whole value chain through 3 panel sessions.

To register please send by email your name, organisation and contact details and "Safety Information" in the subject field to before 21 June 2012.

Due to capacity constraint (50 persons maximum) it might not be possible to accommodate all registration requests. We do apologise in advance, and recommend registering one person per organisation if possible.

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