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TENtec Information System

Welcome to TENtec public portal

Public Portal

TENtec Public Portal provides timely information to the public (citizens and professionals) through dynamic maps, facts, figures and various audio-visual and interactive elements.
This public outreach is a useful communication instrument and provides a more systematic and comprehensive overview on the Commission's work in relation to TEN-T and aims to raise citizens' awareness of the benefits of the TEN-T policy development which foster clean, safe and efficient travel throughout Europe.
Moreover, TENtec enables the Commission to automatically compile information and create timely reports to reduce reporting deadline pressure. All parties concerned, benefit from increased visibility, data quality and systematic up-to-date overview of the budget execution and the technical implementation of each project on the TEN-T network.

Private Portal

TENtec is the information system of the European Commission to coordinate and support the TEN-T Policy. It stores and manages technical and financial data for the analysis, management and political decision making of the TEN-T programme. TENtec acts as a bridge to Members States ministries and other key-stakeholders (DG REGIO, DG ENV, EIB and European neighbouring states) and includes support for modelling of future policy and budgetary scenarios, briefings, interfacing with GIS (Geographical Information System), monitoring and reporting, the electronic submission of applications and online conduction of surveys.
The system also manages the necessary workflows to issue Commission decisions, complete selection cycle for new projects including proposal submission and reception, and the required web interfaces (Private- and Public Portal as well as general web services to connect external data sources).
The seamless inclusion of the Geographical Information System (GIS) also supports interactive maps and satellite overlays (e.g. Google Earth).
With these features in place, TENtec was able to provide full support to the policy-making process, leading to the EC proposals on the new TEN-T Guidelines and the Connecting Europe Facility, through collecting and presenting the facts, as well as planning and displaying all official maps.

OMC/GIS IT module based on the Open Method of Coordination-principle to collect and continuously store technical and financial data for the entire TEN-T network per section, accompanied by dynamic multifunctional GIS-maps (geographical modifications on the spot, thematic map-overlays, search engine, print-outs etc.). Data input and validation in close collaboration with Member States, allowing a shared workspace, through a pre-defined validation workflow. An update to include European neighbouring states has been done in 2011. The inclusion process is ongoing and is a country by country decision of the countries concerned

iReport Management of data collection on the TEN-T Priority Projects, to generate the annual "Progress Report on the implementation of the Priority Projects". Data input and validation in close collaboration with Member States, allowing a shared workspace, through a pre-defined validation workflow and the use of existing reference data.

Reporting Creation of pre- and self-defined instant reports (tables, graphs, statistics etc.) based on collected TEN-T data to support Commissions policy makers and to provide the public with a clear up-to-date picture of the TEN-T programme.

eSubmission Covering the full cycle of the electronic submission of proposals/applications concerning all TEN-T calls implemented with the TEN-T Executive Agency. Efficient management of draft proposals, including the use of existing reference data and the uploading of annexed documents - in a shared workspace with other applicants - is provided.

Evaluation The evaluation module uses the data received through the eSubmission function and supports the external evaluation managed by the TEN-T Executive Agency. The internal evaluation by the Commission services is also supported by this module.

Decision This module prepares the individual decisions of each project selected by the Commission. It contains an expert system including complete knowledge of the TEN-T model decision with all legally possible options. Depending on the particular TEN-T project, the relevant options are selected, and the key-data inserted. Finally, the project decision is printed in a publication-ready format (legiswrite).

In the European Commission DG MOVE and DG ENER - SRD4:

- Dr. Helmut Morsi (Management and Concept),
- Mohammed ADEL (TENtec/ENER Developer),
- Sorin Andrei (Coordinator GIS and Mobile platforms),
- Augustina Budai (TENtec Developer/Reporting),
- Thomas Gascoigne (TENtec Developer),
- Yves HARDY (Content Manager),
- Luc HEYMANS (Project Manager GIS and Statistics),
- Dr. Michel JACQUEMIN (IT Project Manager),
- Mohammadi LAAZZOUZI (Content group coordinator),
- Sébastien LIM (Head of IT, TENtec),
- Savvas PELONIS (UI Designer, Webmaster),
- Laurent PREILLON (TENtec Developer),
- Marian VITTEK (GIS Developer).

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