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Infrastructure - TEN-T - Connecting Europe

European coordinators

Based on the proposals from the Member States, there have been identified 30 Priority Projectswhich are included in the guidelines for the development of the TEN-T as projects of European interest.

The Priority Projects were chosen both according to their European added-value and their contribution to the sustainable development of transport. Their completion - planned for 2020 - will improve the economic efficiency of the European transport system and provide direct benefits for European citizens.

Of these 30 key projects, 18 are railway projects, 3 are mixed rail-road projects, 2 are inland waterway transport projects and one refers to Motorways of the Sea. This choice reflects a high priority to more environmentally friendly transport modes, contributing to the fight against climate change.

There has been a firm commitment on behalf of the Member States and the European Union to deliver these key Priority Projects and they have been at the centre of the European Union's efforts - both financially and in terms of coordination. In July 2005 the European Commission has in particular designated a group of nine eminent European Coordinators to evaluate the progress of certain TEN-T Priority Projects, to make recommendations for the effective implementation of these projects and to play a major role in advancing the works.

The coordinators in charge of specific TEN-T priority projects are:

Pat Cox [PP1: Berlin-Verona/Milan-Bologna-Napoli-Messina-Palermo rail link]

Carlo Secchi [PP3: South-west European high-speed rail link / PP19: High-speed rail interoperability on the Iberian peninsula ]

Laurens Jan Brinkhorst [PP6: Lyon-Trieste-Divaca/Koper-Divaca-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian border rail link]

Péter Balázs [PP17: Paris-Strasbourg-Stuttgart-Wien-Bratislava rail link]

Karla Peijs [PP18: Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube / PP30: Seine–Scheldt]

Luis Valente de Oliveira [PP21: Motorways of the Sea (MoS)]

Gilles Savary [PP22: Athina-Sofia-Budapest-Wien-Praha-Nürnberg/Dresden]

Pavel Telicka [PP27: Rail Baltica]

Karel Vinck [The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)]