TEN-T Days 2010:

Trans-European Transport Networks


DG Mobility and Transport - TEN-T DAYS 2010, Zaragoza 8/9 June

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Welcome to the Trans-European Network Conference (TEN-T Days 2010) in Zaragoza

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Welcome to the Trans-European Network Conference
(TEN-T Days 2009) in Naples

Please note that the registration has been closed.
Should you have any further questions, please contact us at ten-t-days2009@media-consulta.com.


Should you be interested in attending the TEN-T Days on 8/9 June 2010 in Zaragoza but have not got an official invitation yet, please contact us at ten-t-days2010@media-consulta.com stating your name, surname, organisation and country of origin. We will then contact you shortly.

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