TEN-T Days 2010:

Trans-European Transport Networks


Conference documents

Zaragoza Report 2010 (PDF, 6,40 MB)

TEN-T Days 2009 Naples Report (PDF, 1,76 MB)

TEN-T Guidelines (PDF, 12,89 MB)

TEN-T Policy Review - Commission Consultation Document and Background Papers (PDF, 0,95 MB )

TEN-T Policy Review - Report of the Expert Groups (PDF, 1 MB)

Progress Report 2010 Implementation of the Priority Projects (PDF 7,96 MB)

Summary Workshop 1 - The future TEN-T the sustainable arteries linking East and West (PDF, 0,18 MB)

Summary Workshop 2 - The future TEN-T core network - Transport policy, innovation, logistics and beyond (PDF, 0,17 MB)

Summary Workshop 3 -  Building a European funding and financing framework for the TEN-T (PDF, 0,17 MB)

Presentations Round Table 8 June

Carlo Secchi - EU added value, progresses and challenges of PP 3.ppt  (PPT, 7 MB)

Presentations Workshop 1

Boris Zivec - Main criteria for planning the TEN-T comprehensive and core networks.pptx  (PPTX , 1,5 MB)

Karin De Schepper - Future flows – building on an existing network.ppt (PPT, 1,26 MB)

Paolo Costa - From EU to its neighbours and the rest of the world.ppt (PPT, 1,92 MB)

Victor Schoenmakers - Planning ports in TEN-T.ppt (PPT, 206 KB)

Presentations Workshop 2

Alain Thauvette - The TEN-T Core network from a transport operator´s perspective.ppt  (PPT, 360 KB)

Hugh Rees and Luc Werring - Integration of Transport policy and innovation into TEN-T.ppt (PPT, 604 KB)

Karel Vinck - presentation.pptm (PPTM, 2,02 MB)

Presentations Workshop 3

Carlos Fernandes - High Speed Projects and PPPs.pptx (PPTX, 5,16 MB)

Dominique Riquet - Coordination between the Cohesion and the Structural Funds with the TEN-T policy.ppt (PPT, 875 KB)

Enrique Fuentes - The role of PPP’s & the private sector.ppt (PPT, 730 KB)

Tom Barrett - EIB's role in Supporting TEN-T.ppt (PPT, 727 KB)


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