Suomi / Finland  
100 / (120) * * 120 only in summer time, and not everywhere then;
** 80 (basic) and 100 (exception, rare in winter - signs for speed limits are changed twice a year on main roads, summer/winter time limits);
*** 40 on more than half of the streets
80 / 100 **  
40 / 50 ***  
Standard 0,50    
Novice 0,50  
Professional 0,50  
Mandatory yes    
Mandatory yes For passenger cars, light vans and trailers between 750 & 3500 kg, from 1 Dec. until 28 Feb.  
* * However, pedestrian in the darkness must wear a reflector  
no * All cyclists, everywhere and always (however, no enforcement)  
yes *  
The above data are given for information only. In case of conflict with the legal traffic rules in Countries, the latter shall apply. Neither the European Commission nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission is responsible for the use which might be made of the following data.
Unless otherwise stated, the rules mentioned above apply to private (passenger) cars only. Powered two-wheelers and commercial vehicles are subject to specific rules - not mentioned here.