Mandatory safety equipment for private passenger cars (unless otherwise stated)
  additional requirement or limitations
Belgique / België BE yes yes yes yes  
България (Bulgaria) BG yes yes yes yes  
Česká republika CZ   yes yes * * Recommended
Danmark DK   yes      
Deutschland DE   yes yes    
Eesti EE   yes yes yes  
Ελλάδα (Elláda) EL   yes yes yes  
España ES yes yes *     * TWO triangles
France FR yes yes      
Éire/Ireland IE   yes      
Island IS          
Italia IT yes yes      
  CY   yes      
Latvija LV   yes yes yes  
Lietuva LT yes yes yes yes  
Luxembourg LU yes yes      
Magyarország HU yes * yes yes   * Persons shall wear such garment on roads outside built up areas at night-time and at restricted visual conditions
Malta MT          
Nederland NL   yes *   * Recommended
Norge NO yes yes      
Österreich AT yes yes yes    
Polska PL   yes   yes  
Portugal PT yes yes      
România RO   yes yes yes  
Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera CH   yes      
Slovenija SI yes yes yes    
Slovensko SK yes yes yes    
Suomi / Finland FI * yes     * However, pedestrian in the darkness must wear a reflector
Sverige SE   yes   yes * * Buses only
United Kingdom UK   * ** ** * No legal requirement but advise not to use on Motorway due to safety reasons;
** Mandatory only on Passenger Sevice Vehicle
(1) EN 471 - High-visibility warning clothing for professional use
The above data are given for information only. In case of conflict with the legal traffic rules in Countries, the latter shall apply. Neither the European Commission nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission is responsible for the use which might be made of the following data.
Unless otherwise stated, the rules mentioned above apply to private (passenger) cars only. Powered two-wheelers and commercial vehicles are subject to specific rules - not mentioned here.