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European Road Safety Day 2007 :: Events in other countries (detailed)


Norwegian Road Safety Week 23-29 April 2007 was launched nationally with a joint press conference with the three ministers of transport, health and justice on Monday 23 April. Attention was drawn to the objectives of the Week in the global and national context. The aim was to strengthen existing campaigns and activities with a special emphasis on young road users during the Week both in global and national context. This included a seat belt campaign aimed at young people and campaign and control activities aimed at 2-wheelers. Special attention was called to various youth initiatives and local road safety projects around the country and there was an exhibition on the theme of young road users and young drivers. In the exhibit various Norwegian road safety campaigns, activities and local projects aimed at young road users through the use of files, posters, etc were presented.


Presentation of an electronic evidence program of contraventions referring non-respecting of road rules


A volunteer movement in Negros Occidental in the Philippines collaborated with various government and private sector groups to implement a 2-Year Developmental Road Safety Education and Advocacies Program. On April 23-29, they supported the Global Road Safety Week Celebration by having a series of daily activities as interactive Mobile Photo Exhibit-cum-library hub inside a commercial mall.


For two consecutive years, QATARGAS has launched a nation wide Road Safety Campaign to promote commitment to the safety of its employees and of the broader community and to increase awareness of the need for safe driving.


A special issue of the professional newspaper "Driving School" will be dedicated to drivers’ mistakes. The special issue was sent to national and regional governing bodies, to driving schools and to road transport operators all over the Russian Federation (around 5000 copies).


Plans in Turkey include organizing a panel and inviting Turkish State Official, academicians of related issues, CEO’s of logistics and automobile companies, representatives of associations and the Media. The events in Turkey should aim not only the young drivers but everybody in general.

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