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DTL- Dansk Transport og Logistik

Signatory Type: Association

To influence the attitude of each of our members and of the individual driver with regard to road safety. At the same time we endeavour to stimulate a common understanding that the road user must be very attentive and professional in his behaviour.

Through information and different events DTL has succeeded in creating a dialogue with persons from other transport modes (non-commercial drivers, pedestrians etc) to make them understand better the indispensable behaviour of trucks in the local traffic environment.

In particular two campaigns for the coming years are important:

  1. “Road safety at eye level”.

    DTL has developed the campaign together with Volvo Danmark A/S, The Danish Road Directorate, Dansk Autohjælp, Codan Insurance, and Hydro Texaco.

    It is directed at children at the age of 6-8 and their parents. The campaign is based on up to 18 one-day arrangements pr year in different cities throughout Denmark. The end goal is to have had contact with all major cities and around 600 primary schools.

    The arrangements involve the opportunity for the children and their families to familiarise themselves with a heavy goods vehicle in various circumstances and a close contact with the driver. All first to third degree class-levels are also offered sets for further teaching about road safety at eye level and be invited to participate in a competition at local level.

    The campaign will be kicked off on 10 April 2004 in Copenhagen. The campaign is organised on an annual basis but will run for at least the next 3 years.
  2. “Improved behaviour – improved earnings”

    As a separate campaign but building on the experiences gained from the Road Safety at Eye Level campaign, the Improved Behavior – Improved Earning campaign is directed specifically at DTL members and their employees.

    The campaign is carried out as meetings in the evening where the participants receive presentations on road safety and members – company and employees – that have been engaged in the Road Safety at Eye Level campaign are presented with a diploma appointing them as ambassadors of improved road safety. The purpose is to remind the companies/employees of their commitment to be a good role model also in the daily work they carry out.

    The participants are asked to fill out a questionnaire to allow DTL to assess the impact of the arrangement and adjust it if necessary.

    This campaign will be kicked off after the arrangement on 10 April in Copenhagen and will continue for at least another three years on an annual basis.

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