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Toolbox The EU funds many research projects on road safety whose results are available to the public. This toolbox contains reports, manuals and best practice guides which were published as part of these projects and which could be useful for road safety specialists. They cover a large range of issues, from accidentology and infrastructure to policy assessments. All documents can be downloaded free of charge.





ETACpdf(48 kB)

European Truck Accident Causation


PENDANTpdf(54 kB)

Pan-European Co-ordinated Accident and Injury Database


QUERYpdf(48 kB)

Developing guidelines for a best practice qualification of accident analysts





SAUpdf(53 kB)  

Urban Accident Analysis Systems

Guide and deliverables

CARE accident data

CADaS - The Common Accident Data Set (D 1.14) is a common structure including a minimum set of standardised data elements. In this way, more variables and values with a common definition will be added to those contained in the CARE database, thus maximising the potential of CARE database and allowing for more detailed and reliable analyses at European level.


Risk exposure data

Recommendations for collection and exploitation of risk exposure data (D 2.5) focuses on specific recommendations for data collection and use towards a good benchmarking of different geographical areas. It takes into account the following indicators: population; driver population; vehicle fleet; road length; vehicle-kilometres; and, three traffic and mobility exposure data (person-kilometres, number of trips and time in traffic).


Safety performance indicators

Safety performance indicators (SPIs) are measures (indicators), reflecting those operational
conditions of the road traffic system, which influence the system’s safety performance. Beyond the theory (D 3.6; D 3.11b & D 3.11c), a SPI manual (D 3.8) and recommendations for developing a European data base (D 3.12) have been published.

Recommendations and manual

Independent accident investigation

Beyond a bibliographical analysis (D 4.1) and considerations on the necessary transparency of accident data bases (D 4.2), a set of Recommendations for Transparent and Independent Road Accident Investigation has been published (D 4.5)


Independent accident and injury data base

Two types of data bases have been investigated in parallel: (i) a fatal accident data base, and (ii) an accident causation data base. As a follow up of methodological developments (D 5.1 to D 5.4), a glossary of data variables (D 5.5) and a manual on accident causation analysis ("DREAM", D 5.6) have been published.

Analysis and manual

Data analysis

Two types of statistical analyses have been investigated: multilevel modelling and time series. A methodological report (D 7.4) and a manual (D 7.5) have been produced. Eventually, several series of analyses including several sets of data have been performed.

Report and manual

ROSATpdf(53 kB)

Road Accident Independant Investigations.




Policy Assessment and Tools


ROSEBUDpdf(63 kB)

Road Safety and Environmental Benefit-Cost and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Use in Decision-Making


SUNFlowerpdf(52 kB)

A comparative study of the development of road safety in Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands


SUNFlower+6pdf(55 kB)

A comparative study of the development of road safety in 9 European countries


SUPREMEpdf(87 kB)

Summary and publication of best Practices in Road safety in the Eu Member States




Road  and Tunnel Infrastructure



European Road Safety Auditor Training Syllabus

All reports

IASPpdf(47 kB)

Identification of Hazard Location and Ranking of Measures to Improve Safety


IN-SAFETYpdf(57 kB)

Infrastructure and Safety



Road Infrastructure Safety Protection


RISERpdf(55 kB)

Roadside Infrastructure for Safer European Roads




Training, education and campaigns


CASTpdf(53 kB)


Campaigns and Awareness-raising Strategies in Traffic Safety


HERMESpdf(57 kB)

High Impact approach for Enhancing Road safety through More Effective communication Skills for driving instructors

pdf(57 kB)

ROSE-25pdf(50 kB)

Inventory and Compiling of an European Good Practice guide on road safety education targeted at young people


VAMOSpdf(49 kB)

Volunteers always on the move for road safety






Guidelines on cargo securing and abnormal transport

Best practice guidelines on cargo securing and abnormal transport

Practice & guidelines