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Projects financed by the Commission

Projects financed by the Commission : Sorted by domains

Projects sorted by domain

  • 2-BE-SAFEpdf(82 kB)

    2-Wheeler Behaviour and Safety

  • ASTERYXpdf(52 kB)

    Assessing The European Road SafetY Problem - an eXploitation study of the CARE Database


    Crash Test Database

  • DaCoTApdf(77 kB)

    Data Collection, Transfer & Analysis

  • ECBOSpdf(69 kB)

    Enhanced Coach and Bus Occupant Safety

  • ETACpdf(48 kB)

    European Truck Accident Causation

  • LIVEpdf(46 kB)

    Tools to injury prevention

  • MAIDSpdf(46 kB)

    Motorcycle Accidents In Depth Study

  • MERCURIOpdf(73 kB)

    A European analysis of the road Injuries management System with regard to the social and economic impact of emergency and post-injuries services on national finances and households

  • MOSAFIMpdf(69 kB)

    Motorcyclists road safety improvement through better performance of the protective equipment and first aid devices

  • PENDANTpdf(54 kB)

    Pan-European Co-ordinated Accident and Injury Database

  • PROLOGUEpdf(68 kB)

    Naturalistic driving

  • QUERYpdf(48 kB)

    Developing guidelines for a best practice qualification of accident analysts

  • RASIFpdf(48 kB)

    Road Accident Serious Injuries in Florence

  • REHABIL-AIDpdf(67 kB)

    REducing the HArm and the Burden of Injuries and human Loss caused by road traffic crashes and Addressing Injury Demands through effective interventions

  • ROSATpdf(53 kB)

    Road Accident Independant Investigations

  • SAFETYNETpdf(53 kB)

    Click here SafetyNet

  • SARAC IIpdf(65 kB)

    Quality criteria for the safety assessment of cars based on real-world crashes - phase 2

  • SAUpdf(53 kB)

    Urban Accident Analysis Systems (Sistemas de Análisis de Accidentalidad Urbana)

  • STAIRSpdf(45 kB)

    Standardisation of Accident and Injury Registration Systems

  • TRACEpdf(51 kB)

    Traffic Accident Causation in Europe

Driving while under Influence
  • DRUIDpdf(57 kB)

    Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, alcohol and medicines

  • ROSITA 2pdf(46 kB)

    Evaluation of roadside oral fluid drug tests for the detection of drivers under the influence of drugs

Fitness to drive
  • GLAREpdf(49 kB)

    Relevance of glare sensitivity and impairment of visual function among European drivers

  • IMMORTALpdf(51 kB)

    Impaired Motorists, Methods of Roadside Testing and Assessment for Licensing

  • MEDRILpdf(46 kB)

    Study of medical examination for driving licence holders in 4 EU-MS

  • QUAVADISpdf(49 kB)

    Quality and Use Aspects of Vehicle Adaptations for DISabled

Policy Assessment and Tools
  • CONSOLpdf(70 kB)

    Road Safety in the ageing societies – CONcerns and SOLutions

  • DUMASpdf(42 kB)

    Developing Urban Management And Safety

  • eSUMpdf(102 kB)

    European Safer Urban Motorcycling

  • EVIpdf(51 kB)

    Electronic Vehicle Identification

  • FAIRpdf(50 kB)

    Fully Automatic Integrated Road Control

  • OSSApdf(52 kB)

    Open framework for Simulation of transport Strategies and Assessment

  • PRAISEpdf(76 kB)

    Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees

  • ROSEBUDpdf(63 kB)

    Road Safety and Environmental Benefit-Cost and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Use in Decision-Making


    Road Safety in school transport

  • SEC-SAFETY BELTpdf(46 kB)


  • SUNFLOWERpdf(52 kB)

    A comparative study of the development of road safety in Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

  • SUNFLOWER+6pdf(55 kB)

    A comparative study of the development of road safety in 9 European countries

  • SUPREMEpdf(87 kB)

    Summary and publication of best Practices in Road safety in the Eu MEmber States


    Application of road safety related Community legislation in transport companies

  • TRAVEL-GUIDEpdf(47 kB)

    Traveller and traffic information systems: Guidelines for the enhancement of integrated information provision services

Road and Tunnel Infrastructure
Rules and enforcement
Training, education and campaigns
Vehicle Technology: Active Safety
  • ADVISORSpdf(54 kB)

    Action for advanced Driver assistance and Vehicle control systems Implementation, Standardisation, Optimum use of the Road network and Safety

  • ALCOLOCKpdf(68 kB)

    Alcohol interlock implementation in the European Union; an in-depth qualitative field trial

  • BESAFETY-AWAREpdf(44 kB)

    Bringing eSafety to the market through Awareness

  • eIMPACTpdf(48 kB)

    Assessing the Impacts of Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems

  • HASTEpdf(53 kB)

    Human Machine interface And the Safety of Traffic in Europe


    Impact Assessment of Safety Measures for Vehicles and Road Equipment

  • MIRRORSpdf(45 kB)

    Cost-benefit analysis of blind spot mirrors

  • PISApdf(56 kB)

    Powered Two Wheeler Integrated Safety

  • PROSPERpdf(53 kB)

    Project for Research On Speed adaptation Policies on European Roads

  • SAFECYCLEpdf(69 kB)

    ICT applications for safe cycling in Europe

  • SAFERIDERpdf(52 kB)

    Advanced Telematics for enhancing the safety and comfort of motorcycle riders

  • SIMpdf(51 kB)

    Safety In Motion (Power-Two-Wheelers)

  • SPEEDALERTpdf(51 kB)

    Harmonising the in-vehicle speed alert concept definition

  • TYROSAFEpdf(48 kB)

    Tyre and Road Surface Optimisation for Skid resistance and Further Effects


    Cost-benefit assessment and prioritisation of vehicle safety technologies

  • VIRTUALpdf(50 kB)

    Virtual reality systems for perceived ergonomic quality testing of driving task and design

  • WATCH-OVERpdf(49 kB)

    Vehicle-to-Vulnerable roAd user cooperaTive communication and sensing teCHnologiesto imprOVE transpoRt safety

Vehicle Technology: Passive Safety
  • APROSYSpdf(93 kB)

    Advanced Protection Systems

  • APSNpdf(61 kB)

    Advanced Passive Safety Network

  • CHILDpdf(70 kB)

    Child Injury Led Design

  • COST 327pdf(55 kB)

    Motorcycle Safety Helmets

  • FIDpdf(47 kB)

    Improved Frontal Impact Protection through a World Frontal Impact Dummy

  • NPACSpdf(48 kB)

    New programme for the assessment of child seats

  • SARAC IIpdf(65 kB)

    Quality criteria for the safety assessment of cars based on real-world crashes - phase 2

  • THOMOpdf(71 kB)

    Development of a Finite Element Model of the Human Thorax and Upper Extremities

  • THORAXpdf(73 kB)

    Thoracic injury assessment for improved vehicle safety

  • VC-COMPATpdf(51 kB)

    Improvement of Vehicle Crash Compatibility through the development of Crash Test Procedures

  • VERONICApdf(85 kB)

    Vehicle Event Recording based on Intelligent Crash Assessment

  • VERONICA IIpdf(51 kB)

    Vehicle Event Recording based on Intelligent Crash Assessment

Vehicle Technology: Periodic Technical Inspection
  • AUTOFOREpdf(69 kB)

    Study on the future Options for Roadworthiness Enforcement in the European Union

  • CITA 1pdf(52 kB)

    CITA research study programme on electronically controlled systems on vehicles

  • ECSSpdf(69 kB)

    Electronically Controlled Safety Systems

  • IDELSYpdf(50 kB)

    Initiative for Diagnosis of Electronic Systems in Motor Vehicles for PTI

  • TEDDIEpdf(60 kB)

    Test(D)DIEsel - EU Low Diesel Emissions

Vehicle Technology: Vehicle Emissions
  • ARTEMISpdf(85 kB)

    Assessment and Reliability of Transport Emission Models and Inventory Systems

  • CLEANER DRIVEpdf(56 kB)

    Addresses Task 2.2.2/6 ("Use and Integration of New Generation Vehicles and Radically Improved Propulsion Systems in the Transport System") of Key Action 2 on Sustainable Mobility and Intermodality within the Growth 2000 Programme

  • PARTICULATESpdf(64 kB)

    Characterisation of Exhaust Particulate Emissions from Road Vehicles

  • REVEALpdf(57 kB)

    Remote Measurement of Vehicle Emissions at Low Cost